Hospice in operation since Febr. 1, 2007

Hospice in operation since Febr. 1, 2007

Presently eight beds are occupied but, unfortunately, already four patients have died. The hospice is mainly run by the Fransiscan Nuns with a support staff of eight external nurses and nursing aids.

The task and goal of the hospice concept is to accompany patients from all social, ethnical and religious groups during their last days on this earth and to make it possible for them to die with dignity and in peace. Upon entering this building, the visitor is also embraced by the peaceful and worshipful atmosphere which many of the patients experience for the first time in their lives. The self-sacrificing and optimal care of the patients arises from an intensive Chritian brotherly love, which is only found to this extent in nursing nuns. So it is not surprising that the nuns (dressed in white in the photos) as well as the nurses and nursing aids are named and regarded by the patients as earthly angels. One cannot imagine a better acknowledgement of the self-sacrificing and mentally extremely demanding work in the hospice.

Under the charge of the director Sr. Savia, the operation, after the set up time, will run normally. One enormous challenge is the financing of the project which requires much patience and expertise to master.

For this reason, donations are welcome and will be accepted with much appreciation.

Receipts of donations can be made as long as the doners name and address are clearly legible on the bank transfer.

04.03.2007 Nikolaus Laub