NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PALLIATIVE CARE – Poiana Braşov, 18-20 October 2018

NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PALLIATIVE CARE – Poiana Braşov, 18-20 October 2018


As professionals, we have the duty to constantly learn communication skills, evolve towards ourselves and our fellow humans, build bridges, and strengthen the effective, correct relationship that brings good into our consciousness.

In Palliative Care, communication takes place at different levels – interdisciplinary collaboration, patient – medical staff – non-medical staff, patient-caregiver- larger team. The way we are connected, the strategies we decide to adopt, the efficiency and understanding of team collaboration are reflected in making the best decisions that lead to optimal results.

The purpose of the workshop is to improve the intra and interpersonal communication, understanding and assuming our decisions, creating solidarity and welfare within the teams.

Material and method – interactive exercise: X / Y game. There are strong conclusions in psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, anthropology. It’s based on game theory – John Neumann, John Nash – Nobel Prize in Economics.

Conclusions – The game highlights how a community can prosper or degrade, decades and splits, and is a predictor of the degree of cohesion of groups. Together, we will determine whether the palliative care team made up of a multitude of specialists is acting in a convergent or divergent way, if it understands and achieves common goals so that the final goal to be patient-oriented.

dr. Dana Nagy, Oncohelp Center Timisoara, psych. Manuela Furdi Hospice Timisoara