• Accommodation, food, medication, hygiene and sanitary conditions required for patient care
• Pain control (difficult-to-manage pain, opioid analgesics titration)
• Medical or non-medical symptomatic treatments
• Managing gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting, severe constipation, enema administration)
• Managing respiratory symptoms (severe and terminal dyspnoea)
• Managing hematological symptoms (hemorrhage, hematuria)
• Around-the-clock patient health monitoring
• Medical care
• Specific procedures (urinary catheterization, drainage of pleural effusions through thoracocentesis, suctioning and oxygen administration, wound and eschar dressing, management of fistula, stoma and ulcerating tumors, parenteral drug administration
• Psychological support for patients and their family
• Psychological counseling during period of mourning
• Spiritual counseling
• Recreational opportunities in the hospice park


• Laboratory tests
• Medical equipment
• Pharmaceutical products
• Sterilisation
• Ambulance transportation for home discharges
• Catering
• Occupational medicine
• Occupational Health and Safety (SSM)
• Fire Prevention and Extinguishing (PSI)
• Waste collection
• Website hosting and IT administration
• Spiritual support for various denominations
• Sign language interpreting


Certificate no. CIR/15306E/12.01.2015 – ISO 14001:2004
Certificate no. CIR/15306HS/12.01.2015 – OHSAS 18001:2007
Certificate no. LM 061/01.02.2016 – SR EN ISO 15189:2013
Certificate no. TAR 10016075/04.06.2016 – SR EN ISO 9001: 2008
Certificate no. 146/18.08.2017 – SR EN ISO 9001:2008

The general clinical observation form of patients admitted to the Hospice includes their medical history chart, which, in turn, contains all the documentation required to support the primary and secondary diagnoses. The Hospice only offers palliative treatments. In case of changes to the patient’s clinical status, we will perform paraclinical tests in order to determine the diagnosis and, if it falls outside our core competences, the requirement to move the patient to a different medical institution.

In 2017 the Centre for Hospice and Palliative Care admitted 205 patients and performed 319 paraclinical tests.
The Centre for Hospice and Palliative Care has a contract with the Timiș Country Heath Insurance Fund (CAS Timiș) – VII/SP/18/25.07.2016