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  • Center for Palliative Care-Hospice - 2014 activities performed

    The current situation regarding the in the hospice accommodated patients while 2014 is the following:

    • 210 provided patients
    • 121 patients died in the hospice
    • 8% of cases suffering from other diseases
    • Average period of hospital admission: 12 days

  • Timișoara Gospel Project, 08.06 - 09.06.2013

    TGP 2013

    Gospel Project 2013, 8.06 & 09.06.2013

  • Timisoara Gospel Project, 31.05 - 09.06.2013

    Gospel Project 2013, 31 mai - 9 iunie 2013

  • 2009 Report

    Three years have already passed since the inauguration of the Hospice “House of the Divine Mercy” and of the admission of our first patient.  At the beginning of our activity, we had a few reservations regarding the sustainability and continuity of this project as a result of the unstable economic, social and political situation here in Romania. Looking at the evolution of the project, we are overjoyed to see that our activities are of great use to this community and there are more and more people from different regions of Romania who solicit our services.  The gratefulness expressed by the many patients and their families who have benefitted from the palliative care provided by the Hospice stand as a testimony to its value.
    The present situation in regards to the number of people who have been admitted in our Center (which has place for ten patients) in 2009 is the following:

    •   223  admitted patients 
    •   2422 days of hospitalization realized to date
    •   92 % of the treated cases were patients from the oncologic category
    •   8 % suffered from other ailments
    •   The average time of hospitalization was 12 days

    In this year, the specialized personnel participated in continuous formation courses, conferences or regional and national meetings.  Many events were organized within the Centre as well:

    In 2009, the Center’s Coordinator participated in meetings organized by the Association of Palliative Care of Romania which were held in Brasov and had many themes associated to palliative care.

    The Center’s financial officer participated in the following courses:
    ♦    A course held in Bucharest called “Gathering funds from the community: mechanisms, strategies and success stories”
    ♦    A course held in Brasov with the theme ”Writing financial proposals”

    The Center`s  Social Worker participated in various meets and gatherings with diverse themes:
    ♦    A meeting held by DGASPC Timis where services for residential care in day centers were discussed.
    ♦    A course organized by the Foundation of Social Services Bethany Timisoara which held the theme “ Managing Volunteers”
    ♦    A seminar based on “The Writing of Projects”, organized by the Foundation of Social Services Bethany Timisoara and held in Simeria.
    ♦    A round-table discussion on the premises of Hotel Timisoara where the “Role of the society in the stimulation of transparency and responsibility in local planning” was discussed. This was organized by the Institute for Public Policies Bucharest and the Foundation for You, Timsisoara.

    Raport 2009

    Our medical doctors and medical assistants, important members of the interdisciplanary team of the Center, were active participants in various events:
    ♦    The Order of Assistants and Midwives of Romania organized an informative seminar on the 28th of February on the premises of the CFR Hospital in Timisoara. The topic at hand was the significance of palliative and was given by the Center’s doctor and coordinator. During the seminar, one of the Centre’s assistants presented a paper called “The Ideal in Dialoguing with the patient.”
    ♦    During the period between 9-13 April, 2009, two of the Center’s medical assistants participated in a course called “Palliatively Caring for the Incurable Sick” which was sustained by accredited lectures in the Hospice “House of Hope.”
    ♦    On the occasion of the International Day of the Medical Assistant on the 8th of May, a seminar was held in which our Center’s medical assistants presented a paper titled “Palliative care and assistant’s role in the spiritual direction of the sick.” This was organized by the Order of Assistants and Midwives of Romania and it took place in the Adam Muler Guttenbrun House.
    ♦    On the 23rd of May, 2009, the Centre for Palliative Care organized a seminar in the Gerhardinum which was themed “Implicating the holders and volunteers in caring and improving the quality of life of the sick.” The lecturer was the Centre’s coordinator in conjuction with the medical assitant.
    ♦    On the 18th of September, 2009, one of the medical assistants participated in the 5th National Conference organizad by the Order of Medical Assistants, General Practioners, Midwives of Romania. The Conference was titled “Quality and Safety in the Caring for the Patient” and was held in Arad.
    ♦    The Center’s doctor participated in the National Conference on Palliative Care in Constanta between the 11th and 13th of September and organized by the Association for Palliation, Romania.
    ♦    Together with the Association of Medical Assistants, Timis, we organized a conference called “Palliative Care: Past, Present and Future” which was held on the 7th of November, 2009. In attendance were medical doctors, psychologists and medical assistants from different regions of the country.  The scientific session of the Conference took place in the Adam Muler Guttenbrun House and many doctos, psychologists and medical assistants presented different themes:
    -   “The Divine Mercy House Hospice in Timisioara as a model in palliative care”
    -   “Treating the pain of cancer- the aspects of nursing”
    -   “Palliative care in external bleeding”
    -   “Psychological support for minors whose parents are in the terminal phase.”
    After the presentation of the papers, a work-shop followed with the theme the Management of pain in which the Association for Palliative Care RO Association Timisoara in collaboration with Lisburn Trust, Northern Ireland who presented “Palliative Care, the Automatic Syringe” participated through Teleconference.
    The closing of the Conference took place in the Divine Mercy House Conference in Timisoara the participants, after visiting our Center, watched the video-presentation “The Divine Mercy House-Past and Present.”
    ♦    On the 27th of November, the Center’s coordinator participated in a public debate with the theme “ Accesing, Enduring, Supporting and Counselling those Suffering from Alzheimer.” This place in Ciacoca which is in the Timis region and was organized by Regional Council of Timis and the Direction General of Social Work and Child Protection, Timis.

    On the premises of the Centre, various courses, gathers and seminars took place:
    ♦    During the year 2009, on the premises of the Hospice, a course took place for medical doctors from the Western Romanian which had as an objective the obtainment of a certificate in palliative care. It was organized in numerous modules and was managed by one of the Center’s doctors.
    ♦    Once every two months during the year 2009, the Center’s medical assistants participated in a course for formation purposes and also to perfect themselves in the professional field. This course was held on the Hospice’s premises and discussed the following themes:
    -    The motor system-bones
    -    The spine/joints
    -    Muscles and tendons
    -    The digestive tract
    -    Glands
    -    Female organs
    ♦    The Center’s Coordinator organized a course for the medical staff in September of 2009 with the title “Technical norms, Nosocomial normalities, Sanitation and Disinfection in the Hospice”.

             Throughout this year, we welcomed various students in our Center so that they might begin their pratical activities. The schools from which these students were sent are the following: The National College Ana Aslan-Timisoara; Post-Secondary School St.Mary Hilfe-Timisoara; The University of Sociology and Pscyhology/Social Work Sector.

             On the occasion of various celebrations, many gatherings took place within our Center in order to deepen the relationships between colleagues. All in all, they created a familiar atmosphere for our patients and for our carers. These gatherings were also occasions to express our gratitude towards our volunteers and benefactors:
    ♦    During Lent, we celebrated the Way of the Cross weekly. Our Center’s employers, carers, collaboraters and volunteer participated.
    ♦    On the 19th of April, we celebrated the feast day of our Center which holds the name “Divine Mercy House.” The program was as following: After the celebration of the Holy Mass which took place in the Center’s Chapel at 3:00 pm, we had a time of prayer and the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Together with our guests, volunteers, personnel and collaboraters, we sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet. In-between each decade, the youth choir belonging to Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Balcescu sang a song. The festivities continued with a picnic that took place in the Center’s park.
    ♦    The 5th annual and tradition concert “Timisoara Gospel Project” took place on the 17th of May, 2009. The purpose of this was to help those in the Hospice. The Gospel Concert was organized by Dominic Fritz, a young volunteer from Germany in the Roman-Catholic Cathedral of Timisoara “St.George.” Some of ther Center’s employees and volunteers participated in the choir.
    ♦    The Association “For Help” honoured us on various occacions throughout the year with beautiful concerts which were delivered by children.
    ♦    On the 10th of October, the World Hospice Day, our Center organized a cultural program in our conference room where volunteers and the family of the sick were invited to attend.
    ♦    After three years of inaugurating the Center, during Holy Mass, we thanked our Good Lord and all our benefactors. This took place on the 29th of November, in our Center.
    ♦    For St.Nicholas’ feast day, our Center was filled with joy when our patients, caregivers, employees and volunteers received gifts from St.Nicholas present in person.
    ♦    This year for Christmas, various groups from Timisoara and other localities came to carol for us. The birth of our Lord was welcomed with lots of joy, beauty and spiritual peace by our patients, caregivers and employees.


    In the year 2009, the filling up of our Center with objects and consumables necessary to make it funcional continued. Donations from the concert “Timisoara Gospel Project” along with donations for other donors helped us to purchase yet another oxygen mask which is needed by our patients. For the upkeeping of your park, we build a wooden fence which was necessary in order to maintain our patients’ and caregivers’  privacy as this is often where they take breaks, walks or receive spiritual and psychological counsel.

  • 2008 Report

    In 2008, various activities unraveled themselves in the Center about which we would like to offer more information.

    Activities that took place in 2008 :

    • 254 persons were interned by December 31st, 2008
    • 2842 of hospitalization days were realized
    • 80% of patients were from the oncology category
    • 20% of cases suffered from other afflictions
    • the average hospitalization period was 11 days

    Throughout this year, specialized personnel participated in various formation courses in addition to various conferences, both local and national. In addition, numerous events were organized within the Centre.
    On February 23, 2008, representatives from the Centre actively participated in a symposium organized by the Order of Medical Assistants in Timisoara. They presented the Centre and offered information regarding palliative care as well as the ongoing activities.
    During the Lenten Season, Father Wonerth Laszlo led the Stations of the Cross twice weekly at three o'clock in the afternoon. Patients, volunteers, collaborators and employees alike participated in this devotion.
    For the Center's employees and collaborators, Spiritual Exercises were organized between March 3 and 6, 2008. Father Jose de Vela from the community Brothers of the Holy Cross held various lectures on human suffering and the rediscovering of the meaning of suffering in face of a terminal illness. This time of spiritual formation helped us to understand with more depth the suffering of our patients.
    Our center, which is called the ''Divine Mercy Home'' celebrated its feast day on March 30, 2008 with the following activities:
    a.) Holy Mass took place in the morning, in the Centre's chapel and was presided by the Vicar General of the Bishopric of Timisoara, Msgr. Bocskei Laszlo along with Msgr. Wonerth Laszlo.
    b.) At three o'clock in the afternoon, we met in the chapel where the Holy Sacrament was exposed. Along with our guests, collaborators, volunteers and staff, we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Between decades, the choir belong to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Timisoara ''Exultate'' led us in song.
    c.)Father Jose de Vela of the community of the Brothers of the Holy Cross held a lecture on the feast of the Divine Mercy.
    d.)The festivities continued in the conference room where we showed a video on the Centre's first year of activity. It was followed by a concert and a meal where we had the opportunity to share our own personal experiences and to enjoy each others' company.
    On the 19th of April, 2008,  the traditional Gospel Concert took place with the scope of assisting the patients interned in the hospice. The concert was organized by Dominic Fritz, a young volunteer from Germany, in the Roman Catholic Church ''Sacred Heart of Jesus'', located in the Balcescu Plaza. Some of the Center's staff and volunteers also sang in the choir.

    Raport 2008

    For a period of three months, our nurses participated in the National Nurse Training Program which was led by Ana Banciu, the Program's coordinator. This took place between June and August.
    The Centre's coordinator along with the Center's very own staff and social workers completed a course on Combating Poverty in Romania. This took place on June 9, 2009 and was organized by the Caritas Confederation of Romania.
    On July 17, 2008, the Franciscan Sisters of the congregation Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi received a diploma of recognition from the Humanitarian Council of Slovakia. This was to affirm the representation of the State in Timisoara, Romania through the existence of the Center for Palliative Care Hospice.
    On the 21st of July, 2008, another course took place: the Mobilization of the Patient. This was given by Lecturer Sister Savia-Lukacova Lubica and all of the Center's medical assistants were present.
    On October 1st, 2008, the Center's Coordinator in addition to the social assistants participated in the International Day of the Aged, organized by  D.G.A.S.P.C. Timis.
    On the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4, 2008, a diverse program was organized for the Center's staff, volunteers and collaborators along with the Taize Group of Arad.
    On the eve of the feast day, the Tranzitus prayer was celebrated. It was followed by an hour of Eucharistic Adoration in which the Arad choir sang songs of adoration. There was Holy Mass the morning of the feast day which was presided by  Msgr. Wonerth Laszlo and other priests. At three o'clock in the afternoon, Father Jose de Vela held a lecture on the following: God is calling- the fascinating aspect of the Christian vocation. This program was closed by a festive dinner.
    On the October 14th, in concordance with the World Hospice Day, the Hospice-type Centre for Care organized a cultural event in the conference room where the Center's volunteers and the patients' families were gathered. Palliative care and the Center's activities were presented on this occasion in addition to a course with the following themes: The ideal in a dialogue with the patient. One of the Center's medical assistants gave this course.
    On the 2nd of November, 2008,  Msgr. Wonerth Laszlo celebrated Holy Mass in theme memory of all the reposed souls of the Hospice's deceased patients.
    Medical assistants and the Center's coordinator participated in a course called “the Emergencies in Palliative Medicine” which was given by Dr.Sirbu on November 6, 2008.
    The Center's doctors, coordinator (who presented the Palliative Care Centre of Timisoara) and a volunteer psychologist attended the National Conference on Palliative Care on November 7-8, 2008 in Brasov. The Center's volunteer psychologist presented a paper on the following theme: the three-phased model of psychological counselling offered to the terminally ill.
    On the 24th of November, 2008, all of the Center's staff participated in the organ concert given by Barbara Harbach from United States. It took place in Saint George's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Timisoara. It was a grat time for relaxing, openness and developing interpersonal relations.
    On the 3rd of December, 2008, our collaborators,  Association for You, celebrated the International Day for People with Disabilities and the Center's coordinator was involved in their program.
    On the feast day of St. Nicholas on December the 6th, 2008, much joy filled the hearts of the patients,  associates as well as the staff and volunteers. The day was filled with song while the saint offered presents to all those present.
    For the coming of Christmas, the Centre welcomed various groups of Christmas carolers from Timisoara and Arad who brought us the joy of the Birth of Christ through their music. The associates as well as the patients were surprisingly happy as a result of the atmosphere created during this period of celebration.
    In 2008, our Centre received many visits from foreign lands, including Germany, Poland, Slovaki, U.S.A, Austria, Sweden. Many visitors came from different parts of Romania including Oradea, Arad, Onesti, Roman, Caransebes, Cluj, Iasi, Bucuresti.
    During this year, we were very pleased with the willingness of the volunteers who were alongside the staff of the Centre and who helped us by participating in various activities such as: psychological, spiritual and social  assistance, household duties, the maintenance of our park, the translation of many letters and spending time with our patients and our associates.

    In 2008 our Center received several financial and material donations out of which we provided the center with all the objects and accessories necessary for functioning. Some of them were received from the Red Cross Germany – Lauf. We also received a medical respirator which is used for the needs of the patients. From the German well-doers we got an electronic pipe organ that we use in the chapel of the center. With the donation we managed to renovate the fountain in the garden during the summer. A painter donated a painting for the Hospice, named “The Sun’s Highway”.

  • 2007 Report

    The Hospice functions from the 1th February 2007.
    The Hospice has eight beds, at present four are occupied. The Hospice is lead by Franciscane Sisters who are sustained by an external team of nurses and hospital attendants.

    The aim of the Hospice is to offer dignity and peace to the patients independent of their social class, their ethnical or religious affiliation, during the last period of their life until the last moment of their life. From the moment he enters the building the visitor will meet an atmosphere of serenity and adoration. Many patient experience this kind of atmosphere for the first time in their lives. Te optimal care full of self sacrifice comes from the Christian love, which you can find only at nun nurses. Its little wonder, that the nuns (dresses in white on the pictures) and the nurses and hospital attendants are perceived as angels in the world. We cannot imagine a better recognition of our  hard work full of self sacrifice at the Hospice.

    Beginning with the announced period the Hospice will function normally under the coordination of Sister Savia. The financing of the project is a huge challenge which needs a lot of patience and experience.

    This is the reason why donations are accepted with great recognition.

    By the Grace of God in 2007, we managed to successfully initiate our project - the Centre of Palliative Care "Hospice of Divine Mercy".
    You have brought a consistent contribution to the project's development and it is an honour to share with you the joy of a wonderful success. In the beginning of 2008, we want analyze the achievements of the first year of the Hospice.
    We would like to apologize for the fact that we haven't written any letter since the inauguration of the Centre of Palliative Care "Hospice of Divine Mercy" on the 25th of November 2006 and we would like to inform you now about our activity.

    Report 2007

    1.  Even before the inauguration of the Hospice we had selected the personnel, and afterwards we submitted the papers in order to set-up the contractual frame with the Health Insurance Bureau of the Timis County (Casa Judeteana de Asigurari de Sanatate - CJAS - Timis).

    The selected personnel was employed starting in January and it was decided that the Centre for Permanent Palliative Care would begin its actual activity on February the 1st, on its own funds, resulted from donations, until the contract with the Health Insurance Bureau of the Timis County is signed.

    After the evaluation made by the Health Insurance Bureau of the Timis County, the contract was signed, so the Centre for Palliative Care Hospice Type - "The House of the Divine Mercy" was accredited as a supplier of medical services in the field of palliation.
    After signing the contract, it was decided that the sum of money for each person per day would be 118 Ron.

    2.  On February the 1st and the 2nd the personnel was trained and on February the 3rd a lecture and a workshop, on "Palliative Care, Automatic Syringe", for physicians and nurses, started. The course was organized by the Romanian Association for Palliative Care - Timisoara Branch (represented by Dr. Oana Ciucure and Dr. Claudia Stefanescu) in collaboration with Lisburn Trust/Northern Ireland (represented by Dr. Aine McNeill, Med. As. Maggie Ross and Med. As. Tracey Ashfield).
    The Centre started its activity on February the 5th with the admission of the first patient.
    Another lecture was organized at the hospice of Timisoara in the same month, concerning the use and prescription of the opium derivates, (between the 9th and the 10th and between the 16th and the 17th). Twenty physicians attended this course organized by the Hospice "Casa Sperantei" Brasov in collaboration with the Centre for Physicians' Specialization.
    The Centre of Palliative Care - Hospice "The House of the Divine Mercy" Timisoara is a member of the National Coalition for Palliative Care founded at Brasov, in November 2006. It develops advocacy activities to sustain the patients' rights to palliative care in Romania. The first meeting of this coalition was held at Sibiu on the 15th -16th of February 2007.

    3.  The Centre for Palliative Care Hospice Type organized on March the 19th 2007 a 10 day course on "Palliative Care of the Incurable Patients". The lectures were given by Mrs. Ecaterina Nistor and were attended by sixteen people: the medical staff of the Hospice from Timisoara and other medical assistants from the Home Care Centres in the Timisoara Diocese.

    4.  Our centre of Palliative Care organized the Dedication Day of the Hospice, on the 14th-15th of April on the occasion of the feast of Divine Mercy. The programme of this feast began with a charity concert, having the purpose to help the persons who were taken care of by the Hospice Centre. The Gospel music concert was organized by Dominic Fritz- a young volunteer from Germany, at "Jesus' Heart" Roman-Catholic Church, Balcescu Square. On Sunday, April 15th, the programme continued with the morning liturgy and with the Devotion of Divine Mercy in the Chapel of the Hospice at 3PM. The programme of this celebration ended with a visit of the Centre and a brotherly-repast, where participated employees and friends, benefactors, some of the Centre's co-workers and some other persons were invited on this occasion.

    5.  The National Conference, The Palliative Care- Integrant Part of the Public Health System took place in Bucharest, on the 27th of April, with the participation of the authorities,  specialists from the medical field,  nongovernmental organizations, the cults, and international associations. Its aim was to improve the legislative regulations. Both the Centre of Palliative Care and The Care at Domicile Project from the Caritas Federation of Timisoara were represented at this conference.

    6.  We organized a feast at the Centre on the 11th of May 2007, on the occasion of The Medical Assistant's International Day ( celebrated on the12th of May), in order to show the work which has been done by our assistants in palliative care so far, so that it might be appreciated in a public manner.

    7.  From the international donations obtained during the last summer we succeeded to repair the roof of the addition of the building, where the garage and the warehouse are situated. We completed the equipment of our Centre with nets for the windows and other objects necessary for its good functioning. We have also purchased 10 benches which are used for the park for the recreation of the patients and their families.

    8.  Celebrating the Hospice Day, during October 07th-18th  , 2007, the centre organized several activities promoting the palliative care: presentations, the Volunteer's Day, the Christian Youth Action.

    9.  During the period 19th- 22nd   October we participated in Iasi at the scientific conference "Caritas - Charity and Professionalism", where we presented the project and the activity of the Hospice, this palliative centre is the only one existing in Romania under the protection of Caritas.

    10.  Within the VIIIth National Conference of Palliation "Clinical Practice and Development of Services in the Palliative Care" in the period 9th-10th November 2007 at Poiana Brasov we presented scientific research papers and we expressed our own experience and activity in two papers "Nursing for Oncology Patients with Hemoragical Affections" and "Clinical Manifestations and therapeutic Management for Patients with advanced Cancer".

    11.  On the 25th of November 2007, a year after the Hospice of Divine Mercy's inauguration, we expressed our gratitude through the solemn celebration of the Holly Mass.

    12.  On Saint Nicholas' Day, November the 6th 2007, the patients and the staff enjoyed the visit of a special guest, Saint Nicholas who offered them symbolic gifts, making them smile.

    13.  The students of the Social Assistance College were very excited to do their field work in our hospice, during November until the beginning of December.

    14.  In the Hospice of Divine Mercy, the Celebration of Our Saviour' s Birth came a little earlier because on the 18th of December, our patients were very pleased to receive presents from the board of the hospice. These symbolic gifts enlightened their faces, bringing joy to their souls.
    But the staff members and the volunteers enjoyed these special moments, too. They met later the same day, in the conferrence room, to celebrate and to spend their evening together, like a family.
    Under the Christmas tree, we received, presents from our donors, that were joyfully opened.
    Over the Holiday period, various choirs from Timisoara and Arad came to lift us up singing beautiful carols. They shared with us the joy and the hope given unto es through Christ' birth.

    15.  The present situation concerning the number of persons, who were hospitalised in our centre (there are 10 places available) is the following:

    •     214 persons were hospitalized until December 31th, 2007,
    •     2627 hospitalized  days,
    •     71% of the hospitalized patients had ochological pathology,
    •     29% of the patients have different other ilnesses,
    •     the average hospitaliztion days/patient is 12 days.

    Finally, we must say that the money we receive from the Health Insurance Bureau of the Timis County is not enough to pay all the costs which have to be covered by the Centre. This is why, we continue to use all the means we have to inform people about this service, we try to make them sensitive, in order to be able to collect permanent funds which are necessary, to offer a best quality palliative care.
    Next to the financial support, our hospice profited from the volunteers' help. Every volunteer offered his/her support in different areas: psichological, spiritual and social assistance, administration, cleaning, gardening, promoting the Centre. The volunteers gave away their time and talent for the benefit of the patients, the patients' families and the staff.

    17.  During the year 2007 we had some visits from Europe and USA.

    We thank God daily for His Mercy who made possible the existence and the functioning of our hospice. We also thank you for the confidence you had in us and for the material help you offered us so generously. We assure you, that in our common prayer we ask God to help you, your friends and collaborators with His Divine Grace and to fill you with His peace and love.

    12.02.2008 Hospice Timisoara

  • Hospice in operation since Febr. 1, 2007

    Presently eight beds are occupied but, unfortunately, already four patients have died.  The hospice is mainly run by the Fransiscan  Nuns with a support staff of eight external nurses and nursing aids.

    Februar 2007

    The task and goal of the hospice concept is to accompany patients from all social, ethnical and religious groups during their last days on this earth and to make it possible for them to die with dignity and in peace.  Upon entering this building, the visitor is also embraced by the peaceful and worshipful atmosphere which many of the patients experience for the first time in their lives.  The  self-sacrificing and optimal care of the patients arises from an intensive Chritian brotherly love, which is only found to this extent in nursing nuns.  So it is not surprising that the nuns  (dressed in white in the photos)  as well as the nurses and nursing aids are named and  regarded by the patients as earthly angels.   One cannot imagine a better acknowledgement of  the self-sacrificing and  mentally extremely demanding  work in the hospice.  

    Under the charge of the director Sr. Savia, the operation, after the set up time, will run normally.  One enormous challenge is the financing of the project which requires much patience and expertise to master.

    For this reason, donations are welcome and will be accepted with much appreciation.

    Receipts of donations can be made as long as the doners name and address are clearly legible on the bank transfer.

    04.03.2007 Nikolaus Laub

  • Inauguration - 25th November 2006

    We are glad to inform you that on the 25th November 2006 we managed to inaugurate the first centre of Palliative Care "Hospice of the Divine Mercy", as a result of a common project of the Caritas Federation of the Timisoara Diocese and the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi. This project will benefit as well of the help of some physicians specialized in palliative care from   the OncoMed Association of Timisoara.

    Due to the change of its destination, the old building of the monastery needed some major transformation and improvement to be at the level of the European standards. Thanks to the Divine Grace and thanks to the help of our benefactors we were able to do all the necessary changes and we received the functioning authorization for the hospice activity from the Health Department of Bucharest.


    At the inauguration festivity, we had the great pleasure and honour to have among us His Excellence Dr. Claude Perisset, Apostolic Nuncio for Romania and Moldavia, who accepted the invitation of His Excellence Martin Roos, Roman Catholic Bishop of Timisoara to celebrate the Saint Liturgy of dedication of the hospice. At this event also took part His Excellence Joseph Duffy, Bishop of Clogher (Ireland), His Excellence Alexandru Mesian, Greek Catholic Bishop of Lugoj, His  Excellence Paisie Lugojanul, Locum tenens Bishop of the Orthodox Archiepiscopate of Timisoara, His Excellence Jan Soth, the Ambassador of Slovekia in Romania, Sister Irenea Hamranova, the General Superior of the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi and the representatives of different charitable associations and foundations from Romania and from abroad.

    While preaching in German and Romanian, His Excellence Jean-Claude Perisset showed the importance of the hospice project and of the hospice type palliative care:
    "This hospice expresses more than mercy, more than empathy; it expresses the fact that Jesus approaches our brothers who are suffering by the members of the Church. This is even the mystery of Divine love both for the suffering man and for those called to assist him."

    Our common prayer goes now to God and we ask Him to help our benefactors and us with His Divine Grace to be able to go on with this project, as we are aware of the fact that its functioning will be possible only if we continue to be supported by people with a great heart.

    25.11.2006 Congregation of the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi

  • The Center is a project of the Caritas Federation  Diocese of Timisoara - 18.02.2004

    The Caritas Federation of the Timisoara Diocese, an organisation initiated and inspired by the Romano-catholic Bishopric of Timisoara, Romania, began its activity in 1993 paying a special attention to the social problems specific for the area of Banat that is the four districts, namely Timis, Arad, Caras-Severin, Mehedinti. During all this time great emphasis has been laid on the identification of the concrete social needs of the community, on the collaboration with the governamental and non-governamental institutions, on the continuous training of the staff and the involvement of the specialists. Nowadays the Caritas Federation of the Timisoara Diocese has 164 employees.

    Its main objectives are:

    • the promotion of concepts and orientations in the social policy
    • the reintegration of the poor and the out-cast persons
    • the community development
    • the cooperation with local and national authorities and with other national and international organisations
    • the providing of a qualified and motivated staff.

    In 1994 the Caritas Federation of the Timisoara Diocese initiated a mostly medical project, of care at home. So far, over 800 pacients have been registered and they received medical care at home by a professional team formed of a physicians, nurses, aides and voluntary nurses belonging to the Franciscan order. The patients having different types of chronic pathologies are the major problem we are confronted with because they present during the final stages uncontrolled symptoms with ethiological treatment and they need permanent care in a hospice-type centre.

    It would be preferable for the patient to be cared at home, but, unfortunately, in the great majority of the cases, the family proves to be unable to do it because of financial or physical reasons or ill-will or worse even the patient has no legal sustainer. In all these cases, our visits have proved to be unsufficient and that's why we suggest as an alternative the foundation of a permanent centre of palliative care-hospice type where the patients needing this type of care should be hospitalized. This centre will be situated within the precincts of the Franciscan Monastery from Timisoara that sustains this project by offering the residence and the voluntary work of the Franciscan sisters. For the beginning, its capacity is of 8-10 persons this is equivalent to 60/year.

    The centre includes 6 rooms, a sitting room, bathrooms, a kitchen, a recreation and dining-room, a consultation and treatment room, a chapel, a sakristy, store rooms for medicine and hygienic-sanitary materials, a laundry, a dressing room, a garage. The room for the patients' families where they can live temporarily as well as the yard and the garden (1416 m2) where the patients and their families can walk and relax are of great importance.


    • Active and total care is provided for the patients who don't respond any longer to the curative treatment. The checking of the pain and of the symptoms, the psychological, social, spiritual assistance are essential both for the patient and his/her family.
    • The responsibility is assumed to transform the last part of the patient's life in a period of dignity and confort.
    • The palliative care is an unsolved problem of the medical care system in Romania. The patients in the final stages are rendered to their families and consequently the care and the quality of those patients' life are unsatisfactory.
    • That's why the hospice we've suggested becomes an imperious necessity and completes the public health system by continuing the care in the final stages. There is no such specialized service in the Timisoara Diocese.

    The beneficiaries are adult persons, from Timisoara and conterminous areas, who have different types of clinical pathologies that during the final stages present uncontrolled symptoms with ethiological treatment and need palliative care.

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