Volunteering is an activity which a person engages in on his/her own initiative by offering their time, skills and energy to support others and doing this without any financial or material gain. Volunteering is a fundamental component of civil society.
Volunteering at the Centre for Palliative Care is carried out in compliance with the legal framework provided by Volunteering Law 78/2014.

Together we can provide:

Leisure activities:

Strolls around garden, with a wheelchair
Book club
Sensory games
Music auditions
Helping us organise birthdays

Occupational activities:

Discussions on different topics of interest
Quilling, knitting
Art therapy – paining, drawing, collage

Nursing activities:

Serving meals
Sanitising the ward
Changing bed covers

Beauty activities:

manicure, pedicure, hair cuts, shaving

Gardening activies:

Landscaping and taking care of the Hospice parc spread over 1800 square metres (green areas, fruit trees and other trees, water fountain, pathways, gazebo).


involvement in fundraising activities

Legal counsel:

legal consultancy for our patients

PR specialist:

PR content
event management

Photo specialist:

video content

DTP graphic designer:

editing video content